Tuesday, July 16, 2013

garage sale mishaps

Last Friday, we were out running errands when we saw the sign of a garage sale.  You may not in the future, but right now you seem to love to stop for garage sales, mostly because there are usually very cheap toys that you can purchase for under a dollar.

We stopped in hopes of finding a couch or drawers in perfect condition and meager price.  The place we stopped had dogs that loved barking at you and a lovely back yard.  I was holding you, K as we were walking out of the place after glancing at a couch when I stepped down, not expecting a step and twisted my ankle, so much that I could not put weight on it immediately and we went down.  I was so shocked and scared, but we fell on my elbows on the grass, thankfully and you were fine, K.  You didn't even cry.

My ankle began to swell right away. I called Daddy in tears and you; R, S, and T were beside yourself because I don't think you have ever seen me so utterly helpless and weeping from pain.  But, I took a few deep breaths and pulled myself together.  Enough that I asked for help to get back to the van and they gave us two balls and a pair of old crutches (how fitting).  We got back into the car and drove home.  Daddy carried me into the house.

I had a slight hematoma and the lady running the garage sale gave me a bag of ice. When Daddy looked at it he felt it and pressed it down with ice so it wouldn't get any bigger (at least I think that is what he did).  I remembered the hematoma that I had a few months ago in the hospital and how painful and bruised it was for weeks after so I clenched my teeth through the pain hoping that this way there will be little to no bruising.
Also, we won the i-pad monthly drawing! I am using it. It's a second generation ipad and really fun to use. I hope it lasts a long time and that we'll have a great time with it.  Daddy said you were so excited to get it, T!  There was a whole group of the people who work at the car dealership to cheer you on.  One of them said, "That is the third customer of J-- that has won the ipad."

Here is the funny thing, I know I have twisted my ankle on several occasions, but the pain dissipates within a minute or two. This was more severe, my foot is black and blue and a reddish brown hue on both sides of my foot.  But, the good news is that today, I can walk on my foot with no pain, get on my shoes  and walk up hills with minimal pain.  I hope you inherit my delightfully quick healing ankles.

On the happier side, after ten years of not using a lawnmower, I can safely say it took me two minutes to remember and 15 minutes to mow my little lawn. S and T you helped me mow after I got the edges (I was still holding onto the mower with you) and R, you watched little K. I learned never to start the lawn mower in the garage because you will get your fill of carbon monoxide very quickly and you will smell like gasoline for a long time afterward, and you'll still smell gasoline after a nice shower and you may ask everyone if the house smells like gasoline and they'll tell you no and things will smell and taste similar to grass.  That's good to know.  Now that I think of it, I think my dad told me not to start the mower in the garage when I was growing up.

Also, we can now receive mail.  You walked with Daddy to pick up the mail the other day. There was a huge pile waiting for us. :)   

And lastly, K you've been smiling.  Today you smiled at me two different times two hours apart for ten seconds each. It's a new record since yesterday you smiled at me once for about thirty seconds. I am going to post some adorable photos of you soon.

As always, I love you so much! :)

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