Friday, July 19, 2013

Brooklyn VS Portland

To some they are just great cities on opposing sides of the nation.
We're hoping here to change the lot of our station.
To thriving family from poor students now,
From ten years of post-grad school we'd like to bow.
Portland smells great and is so serene.
Brooklyn is not like that,with much less green.
Portland has space for fields and farms.
Brooklyn has some sports fields, so it has it's charms.
Portland has opportunities for shopping, like I have never seen.
But having that fruit store below made me feel like a queen.
The major airport is about the same distance away.
And the both's traffic makes you feel like you're there to stay.
We can still see the lights of our neighbors
and the house next door hosts a nest of blue birds.
Our tree, for a week, had a nest for birds known for humming.
Instead of the leftovers from last month's scaffolding.
Our neighbors don't walk by and say "hi" anymore,
Instead they drive by in a car built for four.
We don't hear swearing from people across the way.
There is no bar or raucous fights
Instead it is very quiet during the nights.
The police, meter maids do not watch as I unload my car
I park in my garage and don't walk near as far.
If we need milk we have to use gas and go to the store.
Instead of the milk store that was almost next door.
No matter where we live or do
What makes me glad, is that I have you!

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at poetry! I love you!

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  1. So happy to read updates about the family, the new place, the things you guys already did in such a short period of time that you have been there, you guys are so awesome and just blend in so easily!! Your new adventure is just so exciting and interesting!! Email me your new address, i would actually love to write S letters!! Love you guys!