Monday, July 8, 2013

Brooklyn Friends, I Miss You!

The Tuesday before we left some of the sisters from our beautiful Bensonhurst Ward gathered at Brooklyn Ice Cream to wish me farewell.  I looked at each of the sisters and thought of how blessed I am.  It didn't really click in that I probably wouldn't be seeing all of them together ever again   I'll be honest, it didn't click in until this last Sunday where I was eagerly meeting as many dear women from my new ward as possible.  But in Sunday school as I sat and listened to the lesson, my heart was in Brooklyn with these dear women, missing them and praying they are doing well.

The Lord truly blesses us to have the people in our lives when we need them!!  These women were there when I needed a loving, listening ear or when I needed something as simple as a dinner idea or something demanding like a babysitter. You stayed at many of their homes when I had an event--like a date or a Rachael Ray filming appointment. They were always eager to help, several of them helped us move and clean.  Some of them are your primary teachers and they love you.  

S and K, you came with me, like a girl's night out for the VDGs. The dear sisters (as you know, that is what we women call other women in the church)  S, you and your friend Kenny played the whole time.  Kenny is from your primary class and his mom is the lovely Anna Guerrero.  Anna told me that you had encouraged Kenny to pray when he couldn't find things and that Kenny encourages her (Anna) to pray when she is having a difficult time.  I felt so proud of you when she told me that.

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  1. This post made me cry (happy and sad tears). Love you, M!