Saturday, July 13, 2013

Berry Picking

You love Oregon!  This place is amazing!  The people are amazing!  We are immensely blessed.
This wonderful farm allows you to eat your fill (for free) as you fill your bucket with berries to take home for $1.25 a pound.  The berries were scrumptious.

Erika Bushman is an amazing woman! She has invited us to go to the water park (sorry no photos) and then berry picking. We've had a glorious time!
Aren't the berries gloriously beautiful?  They were so tasty!
We went berry picking, mainly raspberries but also blue berries and black berries.  It was so fun.  Erika Bushman and Kim Barlow and all their children were so fun.

Kim Barlow is so fun!  You should see her with her kidlets! She's amazing!
It was quite hot and we were very warm.  I still have to go to the 

Erika Bushman and Kim Barlow
At one point Erika overheard you talking to the other kids. One of you said, "This berry is good.  This berry is delicious. This berry is delectable." I loved your rating system of the berries. None of them seemed to fall below good.
Afterward we went and got slurpees.  You love your new friends, but you also miss your old ones. S made a letter for her friend and wants to Skype with some of them.
We ended up with about four pounds of delectable berries.  I think I'm going to make fruit leather out of them and we'll go again soon and get more to freeze and maybe make jam. I've never made jam before.

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  1. So love all your pictures! You really captured the outing. Good times! Hopefully we will have lots of berry pickin' adventures in the future. Melanie, I love your blog! Writing to your children is a brilliant idea!