Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

This year for the fourth of July we hunted for furniture and we got a bed. Yay!  Then we decided that we would go get dinner and snacks and do the arts and crafts that the good city of T promised on the T website.  

I thought that many of the food vendors from this city would be there, but there was only one and it was underneath the high school bleachers.  Some kid told us that it would be there (thankfully, we were all starving). We got Canadian bacon pizza.  It made my soul happy because one of the indicators that you are in the west is that Candian bacon is an option on pizza, not normally an option in the East.  They also had face painting but the line was much much much longer than the food line.

T, you were so sleepy that you fell asleep right on Daddy's lap for over an hour.  We found a bench just inside the stadium and Daddy sat there with you and let you sleep while S, R, K and I walked around to find food. You and S had once again been exploring our backyard.

I saw a lot of people and I kept wondering if any of the people there were in our ward. I figured at least one or two had to be.
R, you found some heavy cement things that the children that came were playing with. They must have been really heavy.
We saw the life flight helicopter land (let's plan on that being the only time we need to see that) and one of the biggest draws of the night were some ladies blowing bubbles you should have seen the hoards of children gathered around trying to pop those bubbles.  

We waited for awhile for the fireworks and finally left at ten because everyone was just plain exhausted. We heard fireworks going off for much of the rest of the night.  

 On Sunday we found out our new ward had a pancake breakfast.  Doesn't that sound fun?!  The people here are so friendly. It keeps surprising me how kind they are and how often they reach out to help.  Also, from what I've heard so far, they have excellent grammar when speaking.  The clerk at Walmart Neighborhood Store (a grocery store only) told me that he was "well" instead of the normal "good." I was impressed and  adjusted my yeahs to yes's right away. :)

As for furniture, we have a bed, a desk, two chairs, two bar stools and a step for reaching things up high. We've got a way to go.  But it is an adventure and it will be exciting to find things that we love! 

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