Sunday, June 30, 2013

Portland, We Are Here

We arrived last night.  Our hotel shuttled us to the hotel (they technically stopped service at midnight and ty still came and picked us up when we called) and we are challenging ourselves to be carless while we get our apartment and then we'll get a car and it will be really great. This last week has been one of the most challenging and gratitude-filled.  So many friends came and helped clean and came to send me off at the ice cream girls-night-out/M send off.

Thank you, ladies, if you read this! I love and appreciate you!  More updates coming when I get things settled. I miss you already!!!


  1. Desperately missing you already! This morning at breakfast, Garrett suddenly perked up and said, "Mom! S, T, and R are in Oregon!" And then he slumped over, sighed and added, "I wish we could go see them."

    1. We miss you too! That is so sweet of Garrett! We wish you could come see us too!