Friday, June 14, 2013

Me and My Book Addiction

In order for this upcoming move to go smoothly we decided we had to "surgically de-clutter" (Daddy's words) which is like a gastric bypass surgery--only it is not for people it is for our apartment.

This morning was trash and recycling day and I took my our beloved books down to the street.

I had not realized how emotionally taxing it would be, I mean I thought I alre
ady said my fond fair wells and I really had planned on having Daddy take them down, but he had to rush to work so I girded my bravery and looked at our books.  I tried to put them right into the recycling bag, honestly, only five or so happened to "fall out" and not make it back to the bag.

Okay, let's face it, throwing away those books was like throwing away old friends.  I mean, how many dinners had I skipped making to delve into the wordy, emotion-packed depths and become someone else?  How many times have I read that book to you right before bedtime or nap time filled with cuddles and kisses for you? I remember how I got that book and how you made me read it . . . a lot and how sometimes I "accidentally" skip a page or two to aid you in your journey to sleep.  Or when I heard you read that book for the first time (the Bob books) or when you got really excited about your first chapter book and told me every single juicy detail about the Magic Tree House's adventures.  Or when I heard you changing voices for all the characters, like I do when I am reading to you.

It. Was. Hard.  In an attempt to help pull myself from it I had to repeat in my head a song I made up with only the words, "It is only paper!" to put sentiment aside and help the books move on.
Source (Pinterest--can't find the real source)
As I took out one of the last loads a man turned his head and walked over and began looking through your books. I may or may not have said a prayer that he would find and rescue a book or a box of books.  In fact, I'm a little shocked I did this, but I checked out the window when I got upstairs to see if he was still looking and I felt a bit disappointed that he was not.

Oh great! They didn't take our recycling--they moved it to the neighbor's side of the tree. Lovely. (This entire paragraph was sarcastic).

It's only paper. It's only paper.  It's only paper.


  1. I want you to know that I will absolutely TREASURE the "Emily of New Moon" books that you passed on to me. Your name is inside them and I will think of you whenever I pick them up to read them again.

  2. I am sooooo sorry that you are having to get rid of books! I am trying to let mine go as well but I've found a sneaky solution so I can keep them :) We have a double sided scanner and I have been removing my books from the covers, scanning them, and throwing the physical book away. I haven't managed to do that to the children's books so far but I've managed to cut down on the number of cook books and reference books we have in our house :)

  3. Book update: All the books have been taken. :) Yay!

    Lindsay: Thank you! Those books are some of my favorite-est.

    Marci: What a great idea! Well done!