Friday, June 7, 2013

K's Birth Story Part 2 Labor and Delivery

W rushed right home and we got ready and left for the hospital, just packing the last essential items for the hospital bag.  We found parking right away (practically unheard of for any part of Park Slope) and we parked on 9th Street and we walked slowly to the hospital. I really wanted Daddy with me and felt incredibly grateful. 

Unbeknownst to Daddy and I, my wallet fell out of my purse on the way into the hospital and a good Samaritan's son picked it up for me and friend-ed me on Facebook and Google+ to find me, but finally they called my doctor and they contacted me and gave me his number.  I was not near a computer for a little while (and hospital WiFi is a joke). . . we picked it up on our way home from the hospital, thankfully!

They checked us right in when we got there, the waiting room was completely packed with people, but the lady in the office told me that they weren't waiting to see her.  She checked us in in ten minutes to triage and triage admitted us to labor and delivery fifteen minutes later (the fastest I have ever seen a doctor hands down in a hospital).  My contractions were really, really strong by this point and I couldn't talk during them and Daddy had to answer all the questions directed to me.

They took us to labor and delivery room thirteen.  It is apparently the room they only use when the rest of the entire floor is packed with delivering mothers.

I was met by the midwife Elizabeth (nearly about to deliver herself) and the Elizabeth-substitute midwife (for when Elizabeth has her baby) and they were incredibly warm and kind.  I liked them and could totally see myself delivering with them, only I have an aversion to pain and desired an epidural, STAT (which means an urgent right-away).  They gave me some ideas to assuage the pain a bit until the anesthesiologist came and I was soothed by the shower.

When I got the epidural, I was astonished because they didn't put my legs to sleep and I still felt some pain, but eventually nearly no pain--I still had a little so I could help the doctors get you out, K!

 The doctor on call, the owner of the practice I go to, came and sat in the room for two hours and just talked with us, which as far as I can tell never happens.  Usually the doctor comes in for a precious few seconds to say, "How's it going?" and "I'll be back when you're pushing."  Then they come in when the baby is almost out.  Eventually they had to give me pitocin because my contractions slowed down after the epidural. A half hour later, K, you were there. Right before you came out I felt your little head.  

You were covered in vernix.  It is like a lotion our bodies made together to protect your skin.  You seriously were cover from head to toe in a millimeter or two of this thick white cream-like substance.  The nurse said it was very rare and that she'd never seen it before, personally, but you were just fine, but I think it kept you from opening your eyes fully for at least two to three days.  You are so dear, K. I was so happy to see you! So was daddy!
At first your sugar was a little low, so they gave you a bottle and within two hours, your sugar went to normal levels (thankfully).  You were so good, K!  

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