Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday R!

Dear R:

You turned ten recently. TEN! 10! Ten years old!  I know it is cliche but how has time moved so quickly?!  It seems like last week you were Kathleen's size and we were living in New Jersey. You loved any sort of schedule and I did not.  You did not like that and often let me know.  You got a lot of ear infections, but you were such a dear, smiley infant and toddler.  Whenever I got sick you would sleep all day next to me.  I remember just sitting and staring at you, much like I have done with your siblings, breathed deeply and prayed to remember the precious moments we had together.

Some things I remember about you include the first day you were home. You wanted to suck your thumb or a pacifier.  You did not have a comfort object and when you wanted food you did not like to wait--at all, and as one passenger that sat by us on one of our flights to Utah said you sounded like a pterodactyl.  

 On Friday you were in the color guard for the fifth grade graduation, a big honor since you're not in fifth grade yet. It's because you are on the student counsel and were randomly selected (or so you told me). 

I love you and am so glad you are my boy! You're my favorite oldest boy. :)

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