Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Will Chickens Be Resurrected?

Yesterday I purchased a rotisserie chicken in hopes of making it last for a couple of meals.  Today, I began shedding it of its tasty meat and T, you walked in.

You said, "Yum, chicken!"  Then you became concerned.  "Mom will this chicken be resurrected?"

Then you finished what you ate and went into my room onto my bed, sadly bemoaning the loss of the chicken.  I quickly put the chicken and what I had shredded into the fridge (covered) and washed my hands. I came and give you a hug and scratched your back.  I let you know that chickens and all animals will be resurrected and that Heavenly Father put chickens on the earth so we could eat them and it was okay to do so!  But you still worried.

And then, five minutes later, you were asleep.

I love you, T!

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