Tuesday, May 14, 2013

T at the Doctor's Office

At my doctor's appointment, T, I hurried to the restroom the moment I walked into the office.  When I got back you had befriended the person in the chair next to you and somehow obtained her phone, downloaded the game "Bad Piggies" and got her, meaning you, to level 2 or 3.  You noticed the similarities between the phones (they are both Motorola) and you had found out that she was 3 months pregnant and had an 8-month old baby.  You assured her that she was your best friend.

Then, after the doctor had done her bit and I found out that I am dilated 4 cm and 70% effaced and that the baby could come any time those dear contractions decide to become serious (during which time you were completely engulfed in my phone).  And you told the doctor as she was leaving, "You are my best friend."

As we waited to check out and get another appointment, you surprised me and everyone else in the room by introducing yourself to a 4-year-old girl waiting with her mother and fireman father.  You said something to the effect of, "Look for me, we're going to see each other again. You're my best friend. My name is T." Then you spelled your name. 

The little girl was shy and did not say a word.  The mother however was not, "That sounds good in about thirteen years," she said.

T, you cracked me up when you quipped, "Well, we're not going to be here that long. We're moving to Portland. That's in Oregon. But we'll be back." 

"We'll look for you," answered the mom.  "Good luck!"

T, I love that you are the boy with many best friends. :) You make me happy! I love you!

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