Monday, May 20, 2013

School Carnival

The school carnival was Friday at your school, R and S!  I didn't really volunteer, but I went to see if they needed any more after I had dropped you off and they said I could come and take pictures and bring some mirrors that they needed for face painting.  So I ran home, got on my make-up (so I felt like me), and came back to take photos.

S, you were completely shocked when you saw me, because I had told you I probably wouldn't be there.  But the call of the free cotton candy was too alluring--okay, mostly I wanted to see you having a blast.

This is where you made sand art in little pendants. You all loved doing this. What a great carnival idea.
I have to tell you, when we move I am really going to miss my dear, wonderful Brooklyn buddies. The parents really took care of me and T.  They encouraged me to sit and rest or keep moving about if I wanted to get labor started.  So many people asked when I was due with you baby girl. I felt so loved!

I  uploaded a lot of the photos to facebook--turns out you can upload hundreds of photos to facebook.

R, you were so sweet and stayed by T almost the entire time you were outside. I loved seeing you together!

T you went on the bouncy houses so many times that by 1:30 all you wanted to do was go to sleep, which you did, in my arms. I sat there and watched them clean (which I don't like to do, but I would rather have you sleeping than hoping you'll cheer up because you're utterly exhausted and the word cheer has lost all it's meaning.

I love you!

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