Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nearly 39 Weeks Pregnant Update

I wrote this the day before I had you, K. :)  Technically I was 38.5ish weeks along.

Sweet Baby Girl:

I cannot wait until you come.  We've got the house 75% ready, it was 80% ready, but life happens.  Right after I finish this post and looking up how to fix T's scooter I am going to go work on getting that back up to 80%. 

I have a lot of braxton hick contractions when I walk and when I change sleeping positions at night.  The night ones are stronger. 

I went to the doctor yesterday. She said my measurements have not really changed since last week--except that my tummy is a centimeter bigger.  She thinks you are about 7.5 pounds now. After this last exam I've had a lot more cramping and such than before.  It usually takes me a day to recover from the doctor visits. I'm writing this for the maybe next time, so I remember how it was and not to feel worried.  You're still moving and bumping my ribs so I know you're okay.

When the doctor came into the room T hollered out, "Yay!" The doctor was so glad he was thrilled to see her that she let him take some photos of you, including your healthy heartbeat I love to hear.  

My guess is, that you are going to be like your brothers and sister and wait until you're medically induced to come.  I just want to let you know, I love surprises.  If you come a little early, I wouldn't mind.

Love you!

After we went to the doctor today, we stopped by the pharmacy to see if they had Castor oil. They didn't but while we were there a dear older woman in a red jacket sat by you T and started to talk with you.  You told her your name and how many of each letter it had and she pulled out a dollar bill and gave it to you. I said, "You don't have to do that!"  You said, "Thank you!" Then said, "It that all I can have?"  To which I said, "T, that was very nice of her to give you a dollar. What do you say?"  You said, "Thank you very much!" Then you gave her a big hug. I love you, T!--Love ya!

Random Happiness News
I told the landlord that we would be moving. Usually I make Daddy be the bearer of that news, but for some reason I blurted it out after I found out they are coming to fix our bathroom sink pipes (which are leaking).  It was a little scary--after all--I sometimes feel a little scared and the doubtful what-ifs make their unwelcome entry into my head. Yet, I am proud of myself for doing it.

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