Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mom's Favorite Products

Now you're wondering, Mom why are you posting a photo of yourself and telling us your favorite beauty products. Half of us are boys (at least at this point) and we're completely uninterested in this.  Well, okay.  This is a selfish post.  For one, I did my hair in a braid around my head and I'm kind of proud of that and for another reason, what if (Heaven forbid) something happened to my make-up bag and I lost all my favorite products and had to figure out what I'd lost and then would be stuck in limbo searching other people's blogs for what they like and what may or may not necessarily work for my face.

I could have added some lipstick, I'm still deciding on my favorite!
On the happy side, I have figured out a routine that works for me and my face.  I have had the least acne that I've ever had in my life.  Now you could say, "Mom, that's because you're 36 weeks pregnant and your hormones are finally giving you a break."  Okay, you're right that could be the case, but I hoping beyond hope that my routine that I have will work post-pregnancy and beyond.

Morning face routine is as follows.
If I have an oily face, usually I do, I dab a bit of witch hazel on a cotton swab (or a piece of a paper towel, whichever is handier) and swab my face. I love the tiny bit of tingling. This counts as washing my face.  My friend Catherine Boutsikakis, a pharmacist and overall amazing mom and woman, told me that she does not use water on her face, at all, she uses Cetaphil cleanser sans water. If my face feels dry I'll put on some Cetaphil moisturizer and then wipe it off (so dewy and lovely afterward). 

Then I apply my moisturizer Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, fair to light, SPF 30--which for me acts as a moisturizer, sun screen and base (I'm all about saving steps). I found that most of the sun screen I would try would make my face shinier than a new car--which was not flattering.  This still has a little shine, but it is calmed by the powder I use.  Then I use the amazing Loreal True Match crayon correcteur and color my blemishes (I think this may have magic--best blemish cover-er ever).  

Then I use the e.l.f. bronzers/blush and it works really well.  I use bare minerals brushes. Then I add my eyeshadow and eyeliner from the darkest color on whichever eye shadow I happen to use.  Rimmel 624 is the one I got compliments on from a professional make-up artist, so I use it when I want to look fabulous. Then I use true match blendable powder and crimp my eyelashes and apply Maybelline define a lash mascara--which is the best mascara that I have ever used.

Night Routine
Remove all my make up with Neutrogena make-up remover towelettes.  Then I add Cetaphil.   If I wake up during the night I put on more Cetaphil (seriously, this really helps). It also really helps if I take off my make up and do my night routine right after I'm done going out for the day--keeps my face a little clearer. 

Okay, thanks dearies. I appreciate your reading.


  1. I seriously loved this post. I always love hearing about things that work in the hopes that maybe they'll work for me. So thanks. Also? You look GORGEOUS in that photo! What an awesome braid, beautiful smile, and bright eyes! You're lovely, M, inside and out.

  2. I love the idea about the witch hazel and also the one about the cetaphil. I'm also contemplating trying a few of your products you like, I'm always on the look out for something great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lindsay, thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

    Marci: the cetaphil makes a huge difference. I would also say to make sure you change your pillow case every 2-3 days (my friend, Suzie suggested that and it makes a difference). I cannot say it is a cure-all, but it definitely helps. I still get little zits that seem to go away if I go dairy-free, but at present I feel like I need the benefits from dairy (calcium and such) and I'm sort of addicted to milk chocolate.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any products that you just love that I should try. I love finding out what works for others.

  4. I love the braid, good job on that!

    It has been years that I am using only cetaphil facial wash and it works so much on preventing a lot of pimples due to hormonal imbalance...

    But the real reason i stopped by is to greet you a very Happy Mother's Day, you are truly a wonderful and beautiful person in and out and i feel so honored to have you as my friend and i feel very much special and grateful for all the kindness you've shown me.

    Take care, I love you dear friend!