Thursday, May 30, 2013

K's Birth Story Part 1

We were so excited to have you, K.  I was sooooo ready to have you and had quite enough of the pregnancy business to last me awhile.  I was ready to have my stomach feel like a stomach. I was ready to see my feet and to be able to bend down and put on some cute sandals that I couldn't reach the straps to buckle.  Also, I love pineapple but how much was I supposed to eat to get things moving along?!

Meanwhile back at the urban cabin. . .
In the middle of the night I began having contractions.  They were not too regular but they began once an hour, then twice and three times and hour.  By the time I was up to get the kids ready for school I told Daddy that that day could be the day.  He smiled widely at the idea.  But I wasn't sure I was really in labor. 

This is how I was breathing--deep breaths like to blow the seeds off a seeded dandelion. 
I downloaded two apps on my phone to record my contractions, the length of the contractions, and the amount of time between contractions.  As we walked to school they were around 6-8 minutes apart.  But I still didn't feel convinced I was in labor as I've had several times where the contractions were pretty strong and I seemed to be able to power through them (which I didn't think you could do so well if you're in labor). 

When I got home I tried to get ready for the day. I got my curling irons out and my make-up out and every time I tried getting ready a huge contraction would start and I would try to walk it off by walking around my house.  I would compliment myself saying, "Good job! This is just what you're supposed to do. Good body!" It was a serious attempt to keep my attitude positive and I think it helped. That's when I called Daddy or he called me, I can't remember now.  He said as he was prepping to see another patient, "I'll come if you feel like it is time!"  I said, "No, just wait, I want them to be more regular." By this time they were between 3-6 minutes (I was waiting for 3-5 minutes). But moments after I hung up I was struck with an extremely strong breath-taking contraction and called him right back to have him hurry home because This. was. definitely. LABOR.

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