Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Shower at Whitney's

Friday night I got an email that pretty much made my week.  
That's right, M and Deborah. 15 of the most amazing women in Brooklyn will be waiting at my house Saturday morning to celebrate you two mommas!
Don't bring anything but yourselves. Come to relax, eat a delicious breakfast (or second breakfast if you're like me), play games, and open gifts. We are so excited for both of you and your little bundles of joy!
Your baby shower is from 10am to noon at my place. And don't worry. Your husbands already knew about it so all piano lessons/childcare are taken care of!
Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!
P.S. M, S is more than welcome to come!

Photos are from Patrice Lorca (not pictured), thank you!

It was your first baby shower, S and you were really excited!  The food was so good! You loved playing with the babies.  I am so excited for our baby girl to play with you!

Sister Consuelo Soriano, M, and Deborah Grimshaw.

Yeenor Yam and Tamara 

Vicky Carrion and Erica Wheatly

Erica Wheatley and Lindsay Anderson

Emily Johnson and Charity Adams--can you believe Charity just had a baby?!?

Marie Rets, Lyndzee Durham, and our host Whitney Jordan.

Hitomi Yamashita, Y--, Rino's Sister and baby Trevor

Sarah Re, Rino Yagi holding baby Izzy Adams (Charity's new baby) and Hitomi Yamashita
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to these wonderful women, especially Whitney and those that organized it!  It made me feel so loved and every moment was beautiful!

For one of the games, contestants were invited to take a paper plate and draw a picture of the baby while holding the plates on their heads.  I loved them!  It was hilarious when everyone showed their plate!  Which is your favorite?
These are from the people who attended and would have attended if they could.  Can you find the shoes, one-sies, teething covers for our carrier (Lindsay Anderson made those for me), blankets (the big one underneath is homemade by  Great Grandma VDG (she makes one for every new grand baby--which means a lot!), wash cloths, socks, headband, diapers, shampoo/hand sanitizer/toothpaste/body wash, bottles, pants, wipes, socks that look like shoes, teething toy, bibs, cloth diapers, burp cloths,  advice cards, baby shampoo, and the baby outfit.

Can you believe how blessed we are?!  What dear and amazing friends! 

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