Thursday, May 9, 2013

Anniversary Temple Trip

Daddy and I had our anniversary a few weeks ago and we had planned on going to the temple, only T, you got a little sick that day and we didn't feel excited about sharing whatever you had with anyone else. Today you felt great and my friend, Patrice, must have been inspired because she called and said, "Thursday I have some free time and I'm going to watch your kids so you can go out with your husband."  So we went to the temple in Manhattan.  For the record, I was going to take our nice camera, only it was pouring rain when we were leaving and I decided that my nice camera would accompany us on different trip.

 I was also happy because one of my young women from our Manhattan ward, Siena, was at the temple to receive her endowments and in a month she is getting married.  I saw her beautiful ring and how she held the hand of the young man she is going to marry and I felt so happy for her.  Her dear mom asked me if it all felt worth it to see one of them get married in the temple and I said, "I'm so happy for her!" But later, I thought to myself that it wasn't how great or mediocre a young women leader I was, it was her determination and faith. It was her desire to find a man that was worthy to take her to the temple and it was the support and immense love and care that was shown by her parents and family--since her birth.

She was clearly on cloud nine and I kept thinking of my similar day 11 years ago.  I remember the immense love that I had for W and now that love has grown.  I also thought back through my years of preparation, my goals and hopes and how there was at least one or two young women leaders that really touched my life and I am grateful for those amazing women! I am so grateful for my parents who showed me what an eternal family could look like and why I should prepare myself to have one too.  

Please get married in the temple, worthily, to someone who has prepared themselves, like you, and has the same goals and desires you have.  I hope Daddy and I have given you a good example of how happy you can be. 

On a different note, yesterday there was a huge thunderstorm going on right when you needed to go to school. Some of the lightning set off the car alarms near our house because it was so loud. Daddy loaded you all into the minivan and took you to school (a very rare occurrence to go with daddy or the car). 

I am so glad I married him and that he is your Daddy!

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