Friday, May 17, 2013

A Marriage Rule

Every now and then I realize something that really helps in mine and daddy's relationship and I feel like maybe I should share it with you, for when you get hitched.  This is not a big list, this is one rule. . . so there may be more coming, but who knows.

Henri Martin Source

When it gets to the bewitching hour, do not talk about hard/sensitive topics, just have a quick, heartfelt prayer, packed with gratitude, and go to bed.

That is all. For your father and I that hour is 11 p.m. After try not to complain or talk about subjects that can be a point of disagreement or sadness. No one wants to go to bed with hurt feelings, anger or dysfunction on the mind!  We try to go to bed a little earlier (not always successfully) so we don't have this problem.

The reason we have this rule, for me personally, is because I would rather go to bed thinking about happy things and anticipating the good things to come.

Sometimes we forget about this rule and the feelings we don't appreciate come back to humble us and we hope what Victor Hugo said is right, "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."  Gratefully, if we do, usually by the morning we've forgotten or can talk with more of a I'm-emotionally re-filled-and-can-talk-more-rationally point of view.

I love you! :)

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