Friday, April 26, 2013

Three Mighty Giants

One of my fondest childhood memories include my dad and my uncle taking us to the religious college in my hometown and playing in the main social building. A lot of times it would be with my cousins, sometimes friends, and we would go to the college and play the game that I think my Dad invented called "Three Mighty Giants."  It is a game like hide and go seek, but when you are found you have the ability to get away and the person that is "it" stays "it" for the whole game.  I think it may have been based on the story "Jack and the Beanstalk" because once the "giants" or the people that were "it" caught you, they put you in an "oven" or a place where you had to stay unless you were rescued by one of your team mates or if all the teammates were caught they would put us all into the "oven" then they would fall asleep and we would surreptitiously sneak away.  It was the best game in the world!  It must have given my mom some girl time with my aunt (or just a child break--because sometimes moms need down time). 

I don't remember my favorite hiding spots, but I do remember getting a map of the whole building in my head, all the exits; restaurants; snack machines; elevators; stairwells; etc. were.  In one area they had the food service elevator.  It made me feel like I was in the movie Star Wars and somehow I always had Darth Vader's theme song in my head by the time I (often panicky--because I would freak myself out because it would seem to take much longer than an elevator should take) would get off--careful not to go to the ground floor because that would take us to the pizza parlor kitchen. 

I went through a phase I really didn't enjoy having my photo taken.  It was a phase called childhood.  The one looking away, that's me. (Uncle D, Uncle B, Cousins M and N). Also, I think we were a little older than this photo when we played at the college, but I don't have any photos of that time.

Those evenings were magical, until security would tell us to stop and to leave.  Eventually we stopped going because the security were starting to recognize us (and we were getting older).   But I cannot tell you how much I love, love, loved those Three Mighty Giants nights!

Thank you Dad and Uncle R for making those nights the very best for all of us!  We loved every minute!
Do you remember Grandpa playing this with you in his back yard?  R, you were telling me about it the other day and that you loved it.  Let's do that next time we go someplace big enough for running about.  Maybe the Baby Girl, Daddy and I will be the giants. This is a tradition not to be forgotten!

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