Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Things You Say

You made me laugh tonight, T when you started randomly talking about school.  It went something like this, "I wonder why Ms. C and Ms. D like the lower case "a."  They think it is easier to write.  I like the upper case "A." It is easier for me to write."

Then a few moments later you continued and S, you decided to contribute
T: Why does Isabella get all the answers right all the time?"
S: Does she really get all the answers right, T?"
T: Yes!
S: How many?
T: 100.
S: (very doubtful) Really?
T: 200!
S: (even more doubtful) Really, T?
T: (slightly annoyed) I don't know!!

A few minutes later S, you informed us that you had a case of the hiccups and that they kind of hurt.  T was incredulous because apparently he's never had hiccups that hurt.  Then I told you about how sometimes when babies have hiccups it seems to shock them out of momentary complacency.  I gave you a little example. I held really still and then hiccuped and threw my arms and legs out.  You laughed so hard.  Then asked, "Will the baby always be surprised when she hiccups?"

I love these moments!  I gave you some snuggles and kisses right after that.

S, I asked you earlier in the day what you told people I did.  I asked if you had been telling people I was a stay at home mom.  You said, "No, I tell them you're a photographer."  This made me laugh, smile and feel thankful for you!  So glad you are my little princess, S!

The apple corer broke. It was from the Dollar Tree Brooklyn equivalent Deals and cost $1.  Don't buy apple corers from them, because they break and it hurts.  Happily, my hand didn't get diced nearly as much as the apple.

Gratefully, Daddy was home and he got the corer out and saved the tasty apple.  Thanks Daddy! You're great!

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