Friday, April 12, 2013

S's Concert

S, you had your concert on Wednesday. Everyone was asked to wear red and black. You chose your own outfit and you preferred to wear a skirt under your shirt/skirt. 

The theme of the concert was teamwork, friendship and keeping in contact.  

This is L, one of your dear friends.  She has already volunteered to be your first pen pal. :)

This is N.  She is another one of your good friends that is in your class. You constantly sing her praises.

Here you see the three girls that threw you a surprise birthday party at L's house (such great friends with super moms!) L (right next to you), Lu (in the middle or fourth from the left) and Ja (the fifth from the left). In order (you, L, J, Lu, Ja, A).

I love you so dearly, S!

Your whole second grade class was fabulous! You were so proud and so was I!

You and A.

You and Principal A.

You and your teacher, Mrs. Y. 

You and your friends (L, Lu, Ja, J, Al) and Ms. V.

"I've Been Looking for a Friend Like You!"

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  1. Yay!! Good job S-- I miss you a lot! M, i am very sure your children will treasure this blog forever, so thoughtful !