Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So Proud of You!

R: You made me laugh when I was falling asleep the other night.  I heard you whisper in your sleep, "Come on, we got to get out of here. Come on! It's dangerous." Then I heard a bump that sounded like you'd fallen off your bed, but then I heard you say, "Oh no, are you okay?! Did I destroy you?"

I think you may be suffering right now from dehydration. It was so beautiful on Monday that we stayed after school and played outside, while I had some goodies for an after school snack and some water, I think you were just so thirsty and you didn't know and you may have overheated because when we got home you were not feeling well at all.  I love it when you feel well and when any of you are in the least bit sick you can bet my heart is prayerfully thinking of ways I can help you!

 S: Lately you have been pouring over a book of your life that you've been writing--writing about your friends and family and the things that are most important to you. I love that you are unafraid to tell people about what we believe and you love to hear that other people are going to church.  It means so much to you and you dearly want to share the happiness you feel. President Dieter F. Uchdorf in the last General Young Women's Meeting said something that I felt describes you:
It is not your responsibility to convert anyone. That is the work of the Holy Ghost. Your task is to share your beliefs and to not be afraid. Be a friend to all, but never compromise your standards. Stand true to your convictions and faith. Stand tall, because you are a daughter of God, and He stands with you!
 I loved that you shared our goodies after school with many of the children we were around.

T: We were outside all day Monday, having play dates, going to the gym, etc. You were exhausted and sunburned when we got home. You fell asleep about five and then Daddy tried to wake you up. Your favorite thing to do is say the blessing on the food.  Daddy picked you up, brought you over to the table and asked you to say the prayer. You got out about ten words before you fell asleep again, right in the middle of the blessing on the food. You woke up around seven and insisted on staying up after we read your favorite story I Am a Child of God with artwork from Greg Olsen.  Do you know I love to see you pour over each picture and ask me questions and finish my sentences?  These moments are so dear to me! 

Baby Girl:  In a moment of quiet and stillness I was sitting trying to get some things done and you gave me the I-love-you (three small bumps in succession) tap.  It was wonderful. I am so excited to have you soon!  Love you.

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