Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saturday Family Vacation

On Saturday we went on a mini family vacation to the Intrepid. The car ride there was ridiculous because we drove for about 3.5-4 hours, almost the entire way in traffic.  The Brooklyn Bridge was closed as was Canal Street so the options for traveling there were severely reduced. We searched for parking awhile and then when we swapped drivers he found a spot in five minutes. He met us at the West Side Highway, after you and I had walked a mile. It was so fun to see his face grinning at us!  

By the time we arrived at the Intrepid they had closed the line two minutes before and wouldn't even let me an almost 9-month-pregnant woman, with a pass, go to the bathroom.  But we walked over to the site seeing boats and they let me use theirs. Thank goodness! By that time we all had to use the restroom, so maybe it was a blessing the Intrepid people didn't let us in.

You kidlets had eaten all our snacks in the car on the way there so we got some hot dogs--delicious street meat, and this picture of you, T was the last bite of yours.

Thank goodness there was a mini somewhat functioning water playground that was right there. You had a great time playing and would have stayed much longer if we didn't want to go admire the view of the Hudson and Edgewater, New Jersey (across the river). 

Daddy kept saying, "This is our family vacation.  Did you all get that?! This is our family vacation."

Daddy carried my bag/purse for me so I could enjoy watching you all skip and play.  I couldn't help but feel so grateful for him, you, our future baby and the outing.  I felt like it may be one of our last last outings as just we five.  That seemed strange, but good. 

I love you!

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