Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MoMantic Day

Well, I have changed my mind about the cameras. Even if my dear phone cannot focus to the extent that my camera can, at this point in my pregnancy I am opting for convenience more than beauty--it feels like it adds ten pounds to my backpack/bag.

We went to the Museum of Modern Art and headed for the fifth floor (where I recognized the names).

I did not take the photos below, they were done by Charity Adams and her I-Phone.  Do you recognize some of the art work we saw today?  "Starry Night" by Van Gogh; "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.  I gave you little vocal quizzes so you would remember to tell your art teacher--did you?  More than the art, I loved the people I was with!  Marie, Rino and Charity were so fun to be with.  Charity made that palm tree shadow puppet (wow!) and she snuggled baby E when she was so sleepy.  She held hands with the little ones and walked them up the stairs. She's ready to have a baby any minute and she was so fun!

I really admire these women!  They are fearless and determined.  They are so good with children.  I asked each of them, if they could have any piece of art in the museum what it would be (I love asking myself that as I walk through art museums).  There were many pieces that caught my eye, but nothing more than your charming child smiles that made me feel glad.

By Charity Adams
You found out that Daddy had a really bad day at work  that day and you came up with a plan to help him feel better, at least at home.  You decided that it would be good if you got up, read scriptures, practiced and cleaned up the house. Since being pregnant my ability to clean or do a lot of things has been greatly reduced and I have needed your help more than ever.  You have really stepped up to the plate and I'm proud of you!

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