Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hospital Overnight

Monday night I was in pain under my ribs--not contractual (hehe), so much that I was crying, a lot.  Thank goodness for W. So I went to the doctor the next day and she said I should get some tests done and she suggested going to the hospital to expedite the tests. I was thinking that it would be a dandy little three hour trip, but no. It was all night in the labor and delivery triage, on that tiny little bed, with women exceeding their pain barriers all. night. long. And that pain from the night before was so much better so the doctors didn't offer an pain relief.

You may notice something from the photos--yes, that is right, I went to see the doctor sans-make-up. It made me feel incredibly close to looking like a zombie.

That crazy hand pose was because I was okay with being the first-poke of a medical student.  He searched my hand for a good vein. It was not a good vein.  In about ten minutes I had a cute little, painful hematoma (that weird swelling in the wrist).  But it was almost worth it, because his face was ecstatic--even though it didn't work--some woman in the labor and delivery area let him poke them.  This will not happen when I actually am in labor. 

I was really grateful I brought snacks, because I was so hungry, the nurse brought me some food in the morning, gratefully.  There was no television so I read one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice.  I changed my mind about some of the characters.  I feel like the Bingley sisters were not as snooty as I thought and Mr. Collins--he was dreadfully misunderstood sensitive people-pleaser.  All night of listening to women in labor put me in a pondering mood and sort of scared me so my imagination took refuge with judgmental Elizabeth and sweet Jane.

On the plus and down side, all the tests confirmed that I'm an extremely healthy person.
It's all muscular-skeletal.  I'm going to have live through it for four-ish more weeks. There were no options for any sort of medication. I desperately needed a shower and some food and some make-up. And some chocolate.  And I'll be honest, a vacation.  It gave me some good ideas of what I am going to add to my hospital bag, when I plan on spending the night.

I can do this, right?!  I got big hugs from all of you, when I got home.  T, you were just happy daddy picked you up from school instead of me (that is a big treat for you).  I really missed you and Daddy! :) 


  1. Oh what a rough night! Your wrist looks so painful! We are sorry you were hurting so badly. We love you so much Melanie and are praying for you and your family and your sweet baby. Much love - Brent and Tanya

  2. Dear M! Sorry you had a rough night. I have looked through the whole first page. Fun to see all the neat things that you have posted! Way to go caring about and sharing to people around you. You are one fantastic girl M! I remember the time when you and I were slaving away on homework in the Smith Building and you showed me Victor Navone's "Alien Song." We both laughed so hard and for so long. Love you Sister! We are praying for you. Brent.