Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Central Park Zoo

In an effort to be the Spring Break mother of the year, I took you to the Central Park Zoo. 

 There were many more people there than animals and to get in, I waited in a huge line. We used the Cool Culture Pass from T's school (thank you) and saved $45 and we got another grown-up in for free.  Yes!!

A few of our friends from church came; Marie, P and E Rets; Lindsay, Garrett, and Matthew Anderson; Deborah and Nathan Grimshaw.  

You are a little addicted to your electronic devices.  I keep telling myself that when we have a yard and more space to play that you'll be able to do other things.

 When we got to the zoo, I put you, R, in charge of taking photos, but I think S took a fair amount of photos as well. You took a lot of photos! These are some of my favorites.

Marie and I took turns watching the kidlets so I could rest and could feed her soooo sweet and dear baby E. It's her son's hand I'm holding in this photo.


I learned something important today. I learned that if I'm tired (especially being pregnant) there is a pretty good chance that you guys will be tired soon too!  When I snapped the following photo I kept telling you all to smile and to be happy.  T, you absolutely refused and kept saying that you wanted a pretzel and that you wanted to go home.  Exhaustion had set in. S you had blisters on your foot from your black rain boots that you refused to change (I love your personal sense of fashion).

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