Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Hour At The Park

 You love the little children in our ward.  When people ask me to watch their little ones during the day, while you are at school, you get a little sad and ask me why they can't come after school.  I love that about you.

 Check out that adorable expression!  It looks like, "I'm not sure if I would do that, if I were you, but okay."
 I. always has his trusty animals with him.  That day it was a ram

 I love how this photo captures your eyes, S! 

L wanted off those as soon as I finished the picture.  But she kept going back.  What stamina!

R was our monkey bar monkey for the hour we were there.  Boy can he climb!

I. wanted in the climbing action too!  If I changed the background to sky it would look like I. was flying.

A moment to ponder life's mysteries, and then to figure out how he was going to get down.
This is a new app on my phone I was testing called Retro Camera. What do you think?

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