Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Moment in Memorial

Yesterday was the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Daddy and I knew someone that crossed the finish line an hour before the bomb went off and was okay (thankfully), but our hearts go out to those that lost their lives and their families.  We pray for all those afflicted by the tragedy. 

I told you about it this morning on the way to school because I did not want you to hear about it from someone that emphasized the goriness. I wanted you to know that even when bad things happen, God is aware of and looking out for His children (everyone).  The greatest gift that God has given us is the power of choice, and sometimes other people use their power of choice to hurt people. But there are so many others that are earnestly striving to use their choices to help and strengthen those around them.  

I love this photo because I feel like it is a reminder to stay focused on the things that draw us closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by the shoes which  are turned to the temple and the family (do you see yourselves R and S?) T, you were kneeling and that reminds us that we need to pray always.

I pray for you, every day, several times. I heart you!

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