Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Vehicular Break-In

Sometime between Friday and Sunday someone broke into our car. Maybe broke into is a harsh way of saying it, for as far as we know, they didn't actually break anything.  They opened what we are fairly sure was an unlocked door and got in.   

They tore through the car, opening all the cubbies searching for cash, leaving our tapes strewn across the floor, they took all our money--a whopping $3!!!  Just for the record all the exclamation marks were sarcastic.  
We also thought they had stolen our police card and our registration (but thankfully we found that).  They left our mini-DVD player and all our DVDs and the car seats (though they looked shocked--thrown across the seat). 

S, your response to the whole thing made me smile. You said, "Why didn't they clean it up?!"
T, yours also made me smile, "I think they needed food to survive."
When I told you, R, you looked stressed and he me tell you everything about it.  Then you asked if you could play your Nintendo DS.

They left our huge box of "granoli" bars (that's what you call them, T), so we're pretty sure this was not the case.


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