Friday, March 22, 2013

Speaking in Church

Did you know that you get your fearlessness of performing from us? Okay, you get it from yourselves. But I like to think that you got it from Dad and I.  

These photos are from February 2012.  Daddy loves you so much!
 Daddy is a very good public speaker--for the sake of example, let's use a Church Sacrament Meeting Talk.  He knows how to relate to people, he really thinks about what he is going to say and makes his talks a little humorous and very personal. He uses the scriptures and talks from Prophets and General Authorities as guides and occasional quotes.

I'm a bit different. I am thoughtful, but in a different way (it usually takes me 1-2 hours to write my talk--most of it research). I often feel like there is no way I can compare to the Prophets and Apostles in their talks, so I love to make about 1/3 of my talk direct quotes.  I put in songs and scriptures until about 1/2 to 2/3 of my talk is pre-written, then I add a personal story and bear my testimony. I know that when I prepare a talk I learn much more than the people I am teaching, but I love the immersion in doctrine that happens and I love the feelings that come when I am speaking those words and bearing testimony.  My heart brims with gratitude when I share experiences that have built my faith and understanding or what the Prophets and General Authorities have said because I know and feel they are true, again and again.

So, if you ever feel like you need/want to know about something and you'd like to give it to someone in an understandable way, prepare a talk on it (at least in your mind), and you'll find answers and sometimes guidance or inspiration meant just for you, personally.  

This is our old ward building in Midwood. I love the beauty of the outside of the building.
Also, if you're ever performing a musical number in Church, read and personalize the words of the song you are playing. Remember, you can bear your testimony--tell people of what you know to be true--through song, often even more powerfully than you can by words alone.  I love you!

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