Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Colleges/Universities

Business came out with an article that stated where the hottest and the smartest people attend school and guess what?! I graduated from to two of those schools and Daddy from one of them, so you know your mom and dad made it onto the hot and smart list! The #1 is where I met your Daddy!

#1 BYU--Photo by Ken Lund--via
What you don't know, and which has nothing to do with the article, is that both sets of Grandparents slightly encourage their children to attend either #16 or #1.  You now know you are slightly more encouraged to do so as well.  I want you to work very hard, earn scholarships and get jobs and learn all you can while seeking opportunities for service (it sounds challenging and it is, but it will be great fun and so worth it)!  Dating opportunities will really pick up when you go there--that is also very fun!

#16 BYU-Idaho--Photo by Ken Lund--via
Good chat. Love you.

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