Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  The reason I am writing this on the second day of Spring is because I wanted to see how the entire first day of Spring played out.  I was not disappointed.  Yesterday was my ultra-fit day probably of the whole year because I walked about six miles, just in and around Bay Ridge and the school--considering I'm seven months pregnant, I feel like this is a personal achievement.  As a reward I purchased donuts from our favorite donut shop, on the walk.  T, you walked four of those six miles with me and for at least 1.5 of them we played the car game, when we talk about the different brands of cars.  Your favorite that you see is Toyota and Honda (by far the most popular cars in Bay Ridge), but by the end of the day you were also able to identify Jeeps. 

This Volkswagen reminded me of the Disney cartoon my brothers and I used to watch called "Susie the Little Blue Coup."

I forgot to tell you, with all the pain I've been having with you, dear baby girl, I decided to try to go off my gluten free experience and amazingly enough my headaches have not returned-stomach pain still in the p.m.-and I'm enjoying everything tasty and delicious once again. Yay!  I've been off of it since last Friday and we've had pizza at least twice. 

On our way home from school, S you saw this daffodil and R, you insisted we take a picture since it was the first one we've seen all year.  We all adore flowers!

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