Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It was a day that I felt confident I was taking my posse, you, and I to the right place. We were aiming to go to the Museum of Modern Art or the MoMA in Manhattan. We made it to Manhattan fine, but then I took us . . . to the Guggenheim by mistake. Oops!  Whitney is a really good sport.  She just smiled and marched on with me to the Guggenheim as if we were planning that all along.

You all kept calling it the Googleheim.  Which made Whitney and I chuckle a lot!

You know you've got a good friend when they brush off your lack of looking up directions and make the trip fun for everyone.

Whitney has a dear 3-year-old and a cute as a bug in a rug 4-month-old and you children adore them.  When the museum art got to them you'd look at those darling faces, particularly 4-month-old Trevor's face, and I swear there was a new energy to you. You could look at three or four more rounds around the curves of the Guggenheim.

The lobby has a fountain right now.  The lady that was sitting next to us while we sat for a few minutes offered you and Blake all her pennies, about 8, and you were in Heaven.  You sat and threw them in. Then about ten minutes after that wore off and a bunch of other people were tossing in pennies and you stared at them in hopeful wonder, I pulled out my eight pennies and the fun began again, only this time I let you start up the ramp to toss in your coins. S, you told me today (a day later) that two of the wishes that you made from throwing in coins had already come true. :)

Hanging from the ceiling they had what look liked industrial cellophane holding brightly colored liquid. It was beautiful.  

I am going to try to bring my nicer camera to get clearer photos, but sometimes the thought of lugging that thing around with my large tummy (which you tell me feels like a pillow and you really like it), just isn't that inviting.  Plus, today it was snaining (snow/rain) and I didn't want to let it get wet. S, thank you for piling the lunch into your lunch bag.   You were so sweet to help out, it meant a lot to me.  T, thank you for skipping some of the drinking fountains that must have had particularly delicious water--so we could keep up with the group.  You wanted to stop at everyone, climb on my foot and drink about a gallon of water.  R, thank you for holding hands with the little children when asked. 

Will you remember all these trips?  Will you remember that we had a great time? I love you!

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