Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Girl Updates

Source and the Pinterest Board with many Jesse Wilcox Smith  pieces of art.
Dear Baby Girl:
You've recently discovered that there may be room under my ribs for your dancing/karate enjoyment.  Ignore it.  It just seems like more space.  Also you stretch a lot.  When I sit down on a chair with my legs crossed you settle right onto my lap (practically) and even more into my ribs. You probably weigh between 1.7-2.2 pounds and are about the size of an eggplant.

Source--this is so beautiful. I can't wait to hold your sleepy self and smell your hair !

Baby girl, I'll admit, this pregnancy has not felt easy at all.  I have had constant pain all up along the outer edges of my tummy every day for the last two months--some times it hurts so bad it makes me want to cry.  If I felt like it was hurting you I would rush right into the doctor, but I feel certain that you are safe. It has gotten worse and worse and I know that it is not preterm labor.  Last night I did some of the home remedies for acid reflux and it seemed to help. Daddy was very dear and went and got me some medication that we're praying will work.  So apple cider vinegar water may be my drink of choice for the next little while and Tums, my candy. I have faith it will all work out and I will not feel like there is blow torch scorching my insides and my muscles.

Source--This is me when my tummy hurts like a fire engine. Now I can see why babies cry so much when they have acid reflux.
 There are days that I feel so motivated to get to the gym and then I start walking and I will have two or three Braxton Hicks contractions in the half-hour it takes me to get to the gym so I end up turning around and walking home to rest.

Source--I adore this image.  Let's take one like this after you're born, okay?!
Every day we pray for you that you'll grow perfectly and that you'll have a strong and healthy body and mind.  We love you so much already!  
Source--Amazing art by Eloise Wilkins!
We can't wait to hold you, hear your cooing and to snuggle you.  S tells everyone about you!  R and T are so happy for you!  They each take turns hugging you or kissing my belly. We love you!

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