Monday, March 18, 2013

Art that reminds me of you

You know what?! I realized today what my favorite type of art museum would be. It would be an art museum entirely dedicated to art of children.  I was looking on Pinterest today and it floored me that almost all that I wanted to look at was adorable art of children, because it reminded me of you and all the experiences I've had with you. It made me happy and in our new home I hope that I can get some original pieces to represent all our happy times together (or even better photographs--of you actually having a glorious time). 

Source--Maud Humphrey
T--this reminded me you and R and S because you love little children, especially babies.  You love to see their faces and if they are awake.

Source--Susan B. Pearce
This reminded me of you because you all like to snuggle in by us, and if you possibly can, have breakfast in bed (a rarity).

Source--Lubrichon, L.
This reminded me of you--all of you, because you love to share music with any children, any time. I would love to have this near the piano.

Source--Lizzie Lawson
S, this also reminded me of you because you desperately want a pet rabbit.

Source--Lizzie Lawson
One of the times I cherish most is hearing you pray.

Source--Bessie Pense Guttman
I want this painting by our piano too. All of you love to sing. Added later: Grammers just emailed me, this is what she said:   The picture of the little girl singing is by Bessie Pease Gutmann, it was a picture in my mother's home by her piano when she was growing up. it's one of my favorite too! Anything by Beside P Gutmann, Jessica Wilcox,  Mary Cassat are treasures! M. Engelbrite is a recent artist w enchanting art work too! Love you!

Source--Jessie Wilcox Smith
I want this painting--S you love flowers.  You've gotten flowers a couple of times and each time it sends you over the moon.  I think I may like this in your room or Baby Girl's room, S.

Thank you Mommers for your email!

If you'd like to see more art that I love, see my pinterest board. I really want to know more about these extraordinary people that were able to catch such sweet moments on canvas.

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  1. I love all the pictures! and I love how each picture reminds you of how special your kids are. Are you guys really moving soon?