Thursday, January 31, 2013

T Has Found Instagram

T, the other day I found you playing with my phone and you showed me the new photo editing/sharing app I had installed, Instagram.  You took a bunch of pictures, edited them and uploaded them to Instagram.  A few people even liked them.  You were thrilled.  I tried hiding the app, but you kept finding it and uploading photos, but eventually I let you know uploading photos every five minutes was not the way to go. Here are some of the photos.

I actually took this photo, on my way home from a temple trip (how fitting, right?!), but you, T, uploaded it to the edit board and onto Instagram.

I love you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Make Us Laugh

It is raining outside.  This will brighten your day!
Most of it I like a lot (not all).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sleep Bargain

Sometimes I look at you and it makes me smile. You have such different talents and abilities and personalities.  For example, Sunday night, R, you came to me and told me that S was trying to bargain with you. I was not too surprised, considering that one of your favorite things to do, S, is to bargain.  But it did surprise me when R said, "S, said that if I pay her $4.50 she'll let me sleep in my bed alone at night. And, I said yes."

S, you'd been in a bargaining mode since dinner  as Daddy had offered T a generous bribe to stop a habit of his.  But for you, R, to take the "bargain?!"This surprised me because you seldom make bargains for over $1-2 and R, you hardly ever complain and haven't told me in awhile that it was bothering you.

The next morning I found you, S, asleep in R's bed. I gently prodded you awake and asked if you forgot about your bargain with R. You told me that it didn't begin until February. What is that about?! Later both you and R complained of pains in your arm and back.

I don't get it, if you hurt in the morning from sleeping too near each other, then why not sleep in your own beds?

As we talked about it over breakfast I told you how you all used to sleep by me and Daddy--you'd sleep in the middle horizontally while Daddy and I slept vertically--making a very uncomfortable "H" in the bed.  You slept soundly though.  You all laughed as if it was impossible that ever happened. Love ya!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowy Saturday

Daddy was so sweet to take you all out to play in the snow on Saturday.
You were all in heaven!

Of course, I had to come too for a few minutes to enjoy the snow with you. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

You are good nurses!

I was still sick today. You all stayed home from school to make me feel better.  You even made me some tasty juice.
Today's juice included: 1 beet, 1 bunch spinach, 2 apples and 5 carrots.  
It was so good! T, you didn't want to try any.  Oh well, your loss.
You all loved adding the vegetables and seeing the lovely colors!
At dinner tonight, T informed us that your Lego Link and Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda) were married and "pregbent," (pregnant) like Mommy.  Also, when I went to the doctor for medicine, you asked the doctor if he was a dentist first.  I love you, dearies!  You make me smile! Thank you for being such great nurses and getting me endless supplies of water.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You For The Apron and Cookbook Grammers!

This is a short note from you kidlets to grammers.

Dear Grammers,
Thank you sooo much for the cook book and the apron. Mom loves them! She is so happy about you giving them to her that she is typing this for us.  We love you, Grammers!

R, S, T and Baby Girl

Thank you to all the aunts--especially Mindy, and uncles--especially Joe for the photographs, that worked hard to help the cookbook come to fruition.  It's amazing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Colds and Recovery

Dear ones: we have colds--the kind with the deep cough.  
No fevers, just sniffles, coughs, and headaches.
We are on the path to recovery.
Spring sounds so nice right now.   

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gluten Free-dom

On Friday, we went to Pathmark together (it's a grocery store--a very large one).  Our goal was to find gluten-free things that we can eat.  We had the car, which seems to be rare lately.  We found a few of our favorite gluten free goodies, okay, I'll admit almost everything we got was a goody.  But we did find their gluten free part of the isle and I got some crackers and gluten free flours.

The thing about the trip that I loved was that you were intent on getting healthy food.  You wanted me to find gluten free food so I could feel good, so you waited patiently as I scanned the ingredients.  It was just what I needed! Thank you.

We had a great conversation about why we needed gluten free things and S, you made me laugh on the way home when you asked, "Mom, could you please pass me some gluten free water?"

T, you also asked me to hand you the gluten free goodies.

I love you all so much!

This is from one of my favorite movies,  Funny Face.  I love  Ms. Hepburn's facial
 expression because it describes how I feel about going gluten free.

All my life I have dealt with head rushes--meaning when I would get up quickly from a sitting, lying down or other position too quickly I would momentarily have tunnel vision--sometimes momentary blindness and my head would whirl--sometimes causing me to fall back or sit down--wherever I was.  It sounds scary, but after having them all my life and having doctor after doctor say it was just my blood pressure and nothing would stop it, I had given up worrying about it.  Since going gluten free, these have stopped--or lessened immensely (no momentary blindness).

So, just wanted to say, I think this is a serious tender mercy from God and I feel sooooo grateful! This has truly been an answer to prayer.

But---yesterday I went to a dear woman's house that couldn't hear very well to visit teach her.  She was so sweet and kept me and my companion laughing the whole time!  She brought out cake and ice cream that she had prepared and hot chocolate.  I didn't know how to tell her that I couldn't eat gluten--it would have taken a long time to explain.  Today I wish I had taken the time to explain.  I woke up with a horrible headache and have been hacking up a lung as well as full-on head rushes.  I am not sure if I have caught "the flu" or if I just have a cold.  It has receded for now thanks to some Tylenol and a couple of generous pieces of gluten/dairy free dark chocolate.

According to Craig Stellpflug here
There are 35 diseases that can be caused by eating gluten listed in a review in the New England Journal of Medicine. Some of these symptoms are: arthritis, ADHD, depression, anxiety, IBS, lupus, frequent headaches, fatigue, eczema, loss of muscle coordination, osteoporosis, a weakened immune system, fungal overgrowth, organ inflammation, weight loss/weight gain, and malnutrition.

Monday, January 21, 2013

S Birthday and the Moxie Spot

Happy 8th Birthday, S!  You loved the Moxie Spot!

I had eggs, bacon and sausage (they made sure it was gluten free).  R ate his hot dog in one minute and quickly began on my tasty meal.  

This is some of the food, a sandwich and macaroni and cheese the kidlets loved.

You boys adored the Foosball table.

We went with our friends Lyndzee and Jackson.  They were so fun!

S, you loved the artwork!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ack-ne and a Miracle

Dear Children:

You know this whole blog is devoted to you, right?  I write the posts and Dad reads them for me.  It's a labor of love. :)

You may understand, when you're teenagers or maybe in college my current dispute with adult acne.  See, it's not pretty.  It's really embarrassing and sometimes I try to cover it with make-up and other times I try to give my face air in hopes that somehow doing that for a few days at a time, will make a difference.

It makes no difference whatsoever.  I've tried some of the "best" creams and face washes (Proactive, Vichy, Strivectin, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena, Clarisonic, Cetaphil, Aveeno, etc.), but to no avail. I am really not into taking pills to stop it (plus every time I even talk to a dermatologist they get this holier than thou look on their faces and they tell me absolutely nothing--being prego and not).

I've started searching for other things that could help my face.  There are a lot of claims out there. So far, it's just getting worse.

I recently tried the oil cleanse, where you wash your face with two different types of oil and then put a dab on in the morning.  It actually does not feel oily in the least. My face is not that oily--just pimply. It seems to be helping a little, but there are still at least six rooted zits that make my face like it has a scar goatee (ugh!).

For the new year I decided to try something other people have said works for them, going dairy free.  It's my 10th day and my face is worse.  Granted I have also had bad headaches for the last few days and I have probably been rubbing my face for momentary relief. I have changed the sheets on my bed and the pillowcases, I'm still seeing breakout increases.  I promised myself that I'd try it for a month and if there is no change then I'm going right back to eating every delicious dairy product that I love. (This was written 8 days ago).

Others suggest going sugar and gluten free.  Clean eating, other say. Smother your face with potato skins, honey, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar (only organic--pl-lease), etc.

Please, please tell me you inherited your father's skin. I'd say sorry for giving you mine; but as you know, I didn't have any choice in the matter of your skin--genetics does that. I wish I could go forward in time to the place where they've cured acne and bring it back to now to cure the world or at least our family of it. They'll probably find the cure about the time they cure the common cold or cancer.

I think in the future the word "acne" may be a swear word.

On the plus side--
In desperation, I started going gluten free about 10 days ago and something rather amazing has happened, my three-to-four day migraines/headaches have stopped!  I thought gluten was all about the stomach, but apparently it covers a lot more than that. It's a miracle because I couldn't do much when I felt awful. I still get the feeling that a huge headache could be oncoming signals, but it just goes away after a little while.

I'm so happy I'm trying all these dietary changes to see what works for me and that I live in a time/place where it's relatively easy to eat like I always do and to not lose every option for food (if that makes sense).  My current favorites are dried pears and Trader Joes coconut chips and salted/roasted pumpkin seeds.

I'll figure this out, right?! I can do this!  I hope that when you read this you'll be utterly shocked that I ever had facial and headache problems. :) Love you!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I joined this photo sharing site yesterday, called Instagram, it allows you to take photos and then slightly edit them.  This was my second photo.  It is one of the photos of S that makes me laugh.  S, from this photo, we look a lot alike.  I knew we looked similar, but I was unprepared for the resemblance I did not see until someone that has known me since kindergarten pointed it out to me on Facebook.    I love you!

T--thanks for the smile, even though it was completely forced. 

I love that you all know how to gather in for a photo.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manhattan Temple Dedication

In 2004, we lived in New Jersey. We had you, R, and I auditioned for the choir that would be singing in the Manhattan Temple dedication (the one from New Jersey, there was one from each district). The auditions surprised the people screening auditions because they anticipated several prominent musicians to audition, but they did not. Mostly, it was people like me with a voice, determination and a desire to praise Heavenly Father in His holy House.

The people I met while singing in the dedicatory choir were kind and I loved going to practices, even if they were an hour and a half away.  This came at a time that I was seriously missing the university choirs and singing somewhere in general.  I had prayed that I would find an opportunity to share my talents, beyond singing in church. We also found out, around this time, that I was pregnant with you, S.

The day before the dedication, I had one of the most pain-ridden days of my life. One of my teeth was infected, which caused a massive headache and I could hardly get out of bed. Gratefully R, you were still a baby and slept next to me most of the day--a rarity that babies sometimes bless parents with, but never for more than a day at a time. We gratefully found a dentist that would give me a root canal before we went to the temple.  It was a miracle to me, because she came into her office with her staff around six in the morning to fix my tooth (wow!) and we somehow were able to drive to the meeting spot and then into Manhattan to the temple and arrive on time, another little miracle.

I will never forget singing behind President Hinckley.  I remember listening to his words and thinking something like how blessed am I that I can listen to a true prophet's voice and I felt my heart brimming with utter happiness, which somehow doesn't even begin to tell you how I felt.  I knew that that place, truly was/is the House of the Lord, that great things would happen here, promises made; families sealed for eternity; the windows of Heaven would be open to those truly seeking truth.  These feelings return, even if for just a moment, every time I go to the temple and see the beauty and remember.

When we sang "The Spirit of God," I felt as if I could hear hundreds of heavenly voices singing with us; rejoicing right there with us, at that moment. Beautiful and glorious do not begin to describe the feelings I felt.

One of the men had this picture taken and gave us all a CD.  Sadly, I cannot remember his name, but his CD outlasted several computers, so man in photo whose name I cannot remember, thank you for the CD!
June 2004

As President Hinckley left the room, he stopped right in front of me.  One of the sisters in the choir that was a professional singer that was blind, reached out her hand to touch President Hinckley.  I knew what she wanted, she wanted to be healed; to see the faces of her loved ones and see the glorious beauties of all she's been given.  She wanted what happened in Luke 8:43-48 to be what would happen to her, via a prophet of God, not Jesus Christ.  I could feel her desperate faith.

But, as I saw her hand reach past me to touch him, I had a very strong feeling that she should not touch him and that I should stop her; as if it were really important that she leave him be. It was one of the hardest moments of my life, because even though I knew she should not touch him, I couldn't help but feel her anguish and desperately wanting to be healed and kept my hand down.  Gratefully, the girl in front of me, reached out and grabbed her hand--I think feeling the same thing I felt.

It was a testimony to me that the Lord knows what is best for us, even if we want something with every fiber of our being, that our prayers may not always be answered in the way we want, when we want.  I wanted her prayers to be answered so much! I think of it every day.  But I have faith the Lord knows waaaaay better than me what He's doing. Kind of like the quote. 

I love you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I Met Your Father, Part 1

When I went to a small Church run college in Idaho, I worked in the library. On the next floor was a very nice girl that I knew named Tiffany. We chatted every now and again and she was very kind.

For the record, this photo was from August 2012--not when we were in college.

One day this tall woman with red hair (Grammers), came in and asked me how to find where her daughter worked. I walked her there and we had a great time chatting.

Later, I was leaving one of the buildings, the Taylor building, when I happened upon Grandma V and Tiffany again.  This time Grammers, who was and still is, one of the most endearingly enthusiastic women I have ever met did a happy shriek when she saw me, hurried over and said, "M, you've got to meet my son, W. You'll go out; you'll get married; you'll have children."  She said it all in one big breath. Then, as far as I remember, she waited for a response.  

Grammers--August 2012

I was just shocked, to my knowledge at present, I cannot remember anyone being so happily and excited and blunt about their ideas for my future with their son. I truly can't remember my response, but I think I thought surprised-ly, "Ni-ice to see you again, too."

I remember walking away from that conversation just being amazed at what a happy and enthusiastic woman Grammers was/is.  I think I may have thought about it a little more that day, but then forgot about it. . . until I was engaged to Daddy. . . but more on that, later.

Monday, January 14, 2013

S and the Juicer

S, you and I have been above and beyond excited about this little appliance. $24.97 on Amazon and we both could barely wait until we got it to juice anything.  I have been craving carrot juice for months and now we're making all sorts of juice.  We've made carrot, orange, grapefruit, and grape juice.  

If I make juice without you, you insist that we juice something else together.

I love that you get excited about kitchen appliances with me.  I love you!

Friday, January 11, 2013


On Wednesday T and I went to the Guggenheim Museum with our friends. The museum doesn't allow photos of the inside, but a lot of people ignore that rule.  After I had taken one and a guard told me to not, T, you pointed it out to me on the map--which you'd been studying. Oops! You really wanted to get past all the old art and to the contemporary art, found stuff from the sea shore and stuff from a pier field in Manhattan, arranged by color.  

Some of the art, I just looked at and felt amazed, humbled and blessed for the opportunity and then wished I had the art-history-headphones that art ingesting-ish people had. I also realized with attention of my little mate(s) that sitting for more than thirty seconds per 10 feet, may be a stretch of the imagination and we moved quickly.  

Your friends, T, were not too interested in the art at first, but as they moved along they looked a little more carefully at the paintings.  The main exhibit was Picasso in Black and White.  But I loved the permanent exhibit with the colorful art with pieces from Degas,  Renoir, Monet, etc. You T, preferred walking along the outer perimeter, away from the art, dangling your arm over the side every so often.  Also, looking over if you could.

The guards kept a really close eye on our crew. Whenever they saw a child within five-ish feet of a painting they moved swiftly closer to tell their parent that they were too close.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Children, I do not get why you telling each other, "Smell my feet!" sends you into gales of laughter at bedtime. Hearing you laugh makes me smile. I still don't understand the joke, but that's okay.

July 2012

Love you!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Do you ever have days where you just feel excited?  

I'm doing an interview for my happy extra blog hopefully today and I'm so excited!  I'm going to interview a security man for the stars, Moovie Mic Miller.  

Moovie Mic Miller and Sandra Bullock
You may not know this, but I have found that other people, are intensely interested in movies and movie making and/or acting.  So I am hoping the interview will go great.

I'm also soon going to be interviewing a prominent director/film maker/teacher at the New York Film Academy, Kathy Curtiss!  
Kathy Curtiss
It's fun to feel super excited about somethings!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Narnia Night and the Other Photo for the Gender Reveal

This was taken right after the you found out that we were having a girl. I thought how fitting it was that you be the future kings and queens of Narnia.  S, you were not thrilled about being Susan, because Susan was not your  favorite--you desperately wanted to be Lucy.

We  had our Narnia night complete with Turkish delight.  R and S, you loved the Turkish delight.  S mostly loved the ones with nuts and R liked the ones without. T, yourefused to try it.

I told you, R, the other night about the similarities between Jesus Christ and Aslan while we were reading and a few minutes later  you, S, was in the room explaining the whole thing to W.  I love that you share important information with each other. It makes me happy to know that at least one of you may be listening.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gender Announcement of Baby Number Four

It was so hard to wait to tell you kidlets what we were having. 
S, you specifically, once you found out I knew; which was when we were at the dollar store buying supplies; and you would not let the subject go for the next day and a half.  One thing you have an abundance of is persistence. So for the last day you've been asking me, "Mom, is it a girl?" "It's a girl, isn't it?!"  "No, it's a boy!" "Won't you tell me?" "I'm going to tell the boys it is a girl."  It was like this for the last 20 hours (except sleeping time).

T actually heard at the doctor's. I thought you, T were busy playing a game on my phone.  You heard the heartbeat and you said, "I like that sound!"  Baby Girl, your heartbeat was beautiful to hear! At home when S had found out and came in the door hollering, "Mom knows what the baby is! Mom knows!" 

You, T, barely moved a muscle but hollered back, "It's a girl!"  He told you a few times that he'd heard the news, but a few minutes later you'd say, "It's a boy!"

I really liked all your expressions of when we found out we were having a girl. It made me happy! 

T was the only who could not be cheerful about it.  But you know, T you're going to love having a little sister. I know you are going to be a fabulous big brother!

The gender reveal photo idea was from here,