Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Girl's Night Out

This is from September. It was our first girl's night out since she came home (which as about two days later).  Our mall has a great ice cream shop where they roll ice cream into little ice cream logs.  S loved it!  
It was fun to watch her load it up.  We always get there right before they closed.

Family Reunion in the Beginning of September

 My goal for this blog is to catch up as much as possible before the end of the year--hopefully.
 Brent and Tanya had a marvelous watermelon harvest.  They had people stopping in about three or four times a day, just friends stopping in to pick something off, coming to visit, or dropping something off.  Each person that came was given a watermelon or two. Funnily enough, I had no idea of their ample and delicious harvest and had brought a melon for them. Haha!
 I got to snuggle this little baby B!  He cooed and was so sweet the whole time. He even gave us a couple of adorable smiles.
 Gary and Melinda planned this family reunion.  I was glad it was not my turn--that will happen in five more years.  Dave and Penny had a kind exchange student that was staying with them.
 Visiting with these people is heavenly!
 Josh has such a great sense of humor. He is one of my favorite people to photograph because his humor comes out in every photo.
 ^R and I became great friends.  She would sit on my lap for hours if she could.  She is so feminine and deliberate for a two year old.  Also, she looks quite similar to me as a child.
 J actually went to David for a little while. My brothers are great fathers. I love seeing them be dads!
 Andrew, our recently returned missionary is one of those people that makes you laugh and has a great sense of humor.  He and Wayne chuckled a lot for hours.
 Poor B ended up with a bit of heat exhaustion and by the end of the night ended up in the emergency room.  I am so grateful for modern medicine, because this guy needed it that day.
W flew in for the reunion and then drove back with us.  I love how fun he is with our families.  R was the co-pilot for a lot of the trip so I could J in the back.  Family is everything to us and I am so grateful for that family reunion.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Brent and Tanya's House

Brent and Tanya's nine kiddos plus my five kiddos equals 14 children running around this house whenever we get together.  To my children it is pure bliss.  Leaving this house is like peeling a band-aid from a healing wound--downright painful and can be a bit disgusting with groans of "Nooo!" and "Can we move here?" pouring from the mouths of you kidlet-os (my kids).
This table is one my favorite places in the house because this is where everyone eats and no one can take food to any other part of the house. I love talking with Brent and Tanya and a lot of  times it happens while we are eating Tanya's amazing cooking!  

 See how cute Brent and Tanya are?!  I am incredibly grateful for them and their wonderful example!

 J and J are Brent and Tanya's right hand kiddos and are often the ones in charge of getting the other kids ready and helping with the animals on the farm!  They have great, deep conversations with my kiddos too!
 I love being with Brent and Tanya! So does my J! :D
Thank you for your generosity in letting us stay with you, Brent and Tanya, whenever we come to Idaho!! It means a lot!  Especially since we came down a couple of days early for the family reunion.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

S's Trip To Grandma's August 2017

Just so you know, the posts that I have been posting have happened way back in the summer time and I'm just getting to them when I get to them.
 S went to Grammer's house in August. She, W, and I have an agreement that if she is very consistent with chores, feeding the animals, etc. that she can earn the ride to Grammer's house for a week during the summer. I needed her for babysitting a lot during the summer because of the play, so she had to wait until the play was over.  She loves flying and thinks that being in the airport is one of the most exciting places to be.

While we were standing in the security check line a lady started up a conversation with us. I think she wanted to tell S how important it was to get an education.  The lady soon found she was preaching to the choir as S enthusiastically told her how excited she was to someday go to the school near where her grandma lives and how she is working hard to get good grades.

I think it surprised the lady quite a bit. She said something to the effect of, "I wouldn't let my 12-year-old travel alone."  I did the knowing nod to the lady and proceeded to tell her how proud I was of S, her desire to earn her own way to Grammers, and that if her brothers chose to they could as well.  Also, that S is a very determined confidence to accomplish her goals.
 We also met a woman that is in charge of hair and make-up on the hit TV series The Librarians and she answered a few questions for us.  She was very nice and we later found her name on IMDB.
I waited until the plane took off and headed home, missing my sweet S and knowing that she would have a wonderful time with Grammers!  She did!  Another post on that later!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Enchanted Forest--August 2017

Oregon has its very own theme park.  Started by a man who wanted a place for children that couldn't afford to go to Disney Land.  It is just the perfect size for a wonderful summer's day out.
We met up with Erika and her kiddos, A and B. 
We went through fairy tale/nursery rhyme village.

S, T, and R thought the crooked house with the crooked man was one of the most interesting places to go--it's all about angles.  The kiddos love sliding around that place almost as much as going on the rides.
Who could help but love going into the wicked witches mouth.
I love nursery rhymes as much as fairy tales and it was fun to go someplace where the nursery rhymes get equal coverage.
J loved being in the out-facing carrier for his ride.
Can you spy the kiddos?

I spy R, B, and T!
Hands and eyes!?! Ah!

K was ecstatic about the little kids-only rides.  Those blessed shoes kept falling off throughout the day so I think some of the day, she dashed about shoeless.
The ride-master on that ride was hilarious. She made the kids giggle the several times throughout the ride. K thought she was a hoot!

Then, K did something she never gets to do because I think it is a waste of money--but this is about memories--she got her face painted.  It washed right out of her dress after she had wiped it all off her face, which happened within a couple of hours.
Each of the girls there were dressed up like princesses.  K felt adored.
Then we went to hear the folk music.  They asked for children to come and dance and absolutely no child go up until K dashed out of her seat as soon as the music started, unabashedly to the front of the room and danced a joyous jig.  Within moments, she was surrounded by other children and smiling, laughing adults sitting, tapping their feet with the beat.
I was so proud of her!  Ha! That girl in front of me is a great photo bomber.  Ha!
She even danced when the other people had sat down.
Now for a bit of a close up of the face paint.
T enjoyed rides--especially the log and ice rides!

Do you see R, S, and K? ^^
J actually went to someone other than me and my kiddos--he had fun with Erika!  She took him for a long time so I could spend some time chasing K down the corridors.  That was another thing I like about Enchanted Forest is the size so my kiddos didn't get too lost.

T is sitting by me as I write this and he said, "I love the Enchanted Forest.  It was lots of fun!"

While Erika was holding J; R, T, and I went on the Log Ride.  It was so fun and my voice got lost in my scream, as in there was no sound, as we came down the lost slope.

Then I got to rest my weary bones while the kiddos went on the ice mountain ride again and again until the park closed and most people had gone home--the kiddos favorite time to go.
We are going to go again next summer.  Thanks, Enchanted Forest People for a wonderful day!