Friday, August 18, 2017

Bounce House Place

In our mall, there is a bounce house place.
It used to be in another part of town.

J sat on my lap and chatted with me.

He is an excellent non-bouncing companion.

A couple of our friends came too.
T came and talked with me.
It was a great time and each child was so excited to play as long as they could.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Girl's Camp

S went to girl's camp with our church. We really missed her! She made me a couple of great cards telling me that she missed me (YES!).  
I love this cherubic face!

Linn County Fair 2017 Part 2

 At the Linn County Fair we went to our first auction.
 We checked out all the animals, there seemed to be a lot more than the ones that I remember in Idaho, growing up.

 J slept through most of it.
 S loved the chickens.
 We all got separated for awhile, but we made sure each person had a traveling buddy, so no one was alone.
 V was my and J's buddy and we watched her on the carousel.
 Our favorite fair food is the elephant ear.

 I posted one of these on Instagram and someone said, "It looks like an album cover."  Ha! I liked that!

 We got to see the big concert, at least 30 seconds of it any way.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Linn County Fair Part 1

 W took all the kiddos on the ferris wheel.  K was obviously excited about it.

See that excitement?!  It was a fun day!

 Here K is flexing her muscles.