Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Musings

Sunday afternoon here is beautiful. Time for naps. Time for reflection. Time to catch up.

As I walked across the room, just now, I glanced at the sleeping forms of my sweetheart W and our now-one-year-old J.  J's eyes opened just a tiny slip and he grinned at me--still sleep zonked.  It would be the honest truth to say my poor heart fluttered with joy and a gallon of gratitude right then. 

Determined to show more gratitude when great things are happening and even more gratitude when things seem to be going another way (as much as I can), I find myself telling myself, "I am so glad to be me!" 

Now I hear J crying, awake, and begging for me, his current favorite person.  S dashes in there so W can keep sleeping and in just a moment I'm going to hold my dear bambino. 

Just a quick note so I don't forget.  K (age 4) loves McDonalds. I think it is their current toys that call to her.  It's the "My Little Pony" toys. So every time we are in the car, several times a day, she call's out, "I want some chick'n n'ggets. Please can we go to Donalds.  I have built up a bit of resistance, but W has such joy in seeing her eat the chick'n and playing with the toys, he'll take her to Donalds.
I am around these two the most, since they are my littlest littles at present,  and I am so grateful! We are having a blast together!  God is good!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Beautiful Ocean Trip at BellaBeach

The O grandparents, Brent, Tanya, their kiddos, Gary Melinda, and their kiddos came to see me in the play and then we went to Bella Beach for a small vacation.

J doesn't like people outside of our immediate family to hold him.  Grandpa was no exception, but by the end he was warming up to him.
We stayed at a place where we could see the ocean (so beautiful).

Bella Beach is an interesting beach because one  year you can visit and the beach is child-friendly and amazing and then other years, like this one, the beach has huge waves and a sharp drop off--making it a bit more of a watch-your-child-closely-buck-o, which can be stressful for a mom like me.

So we went to visit other beaches. We spent a lot of time at the beach because that is where the kiddos wanted to spend the majority of their time.

The grandkids just adore grandpa, actually we all do!  He is so fun!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Summer Days by the River

 Sundays we sometimes like to go for walks, but during the hot summer, I have to go to the shady places to walk; which, was by the river.

 Another day, I decided to take the kiddos to the river and let them float down it.
 The theory was great, but also a learning experience.

 S caught some huge tadpoles.

 K caught a few too.

But here is what happened and why I won't take the kiddos by myself again to "float the river."
 R and T went together and S wanting to stay closer to help me didn't go as far.
 However, she caught the stronger current and zipped past me, unable to stop.  She got stuck in the roots of a tree near the shore and since I couldn't leave J or K, I couldn't help her.  Thankfully a good Samaritan (a cute teenage boy) saw her and hopped off his boat to help her.  I was so grateful!!  He even told me that S saved him, but we all knew it was the other way around.  He walked her all the way back to me.  Prayer answered for S.
We had to go right after, so I went to get the boys and they hadn't even made it half way back to the little ones and I.  Lessons learned. So grateful for the kindness of others and for tender mercies that we were all safe!!!  Next time we are bringing W and coordinating a better plan!

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Way To Ride Through the Mall

After Grammers left in July, we decided to bounce our missing her away at the bounce place in the mall.
  I must have been in a pretty giving mood because I let the kiddos get the animals to ride about the mall for 15 minutes.

 You kiddos loved it!
 Every time we would pass those animals you would look longingly toward them imagining the joy you would feel when you didn't have to walk and could ride to your heart's content.
 R helped both K and J.

 S got a turn too, but I forgot to take a photo.  T loved it.  I think he was inviting me to get on with him.  Sadly, that was not allowed.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

When Your Son is a Techie --- Where is the Balance

T can do anything, it seems, with a phone or a computer. I kid you not. He gets calls from his friends when they're having trouble with their electronic devices. He'll chat with you for two hours about updates, formatting, etc. If he doesn't know the answer right away, he'll look it up for you, lickety-split.
One time he talked to a woman about her iPad for two hours straight, on an airplane so she couldn't leave, but he was thrilled she was interested so long. She was bug-eyed at first at all his knowledge.
He'll give you the history of the electronics he is most interested in--dates that stick in his memory. He loves to find places that look similar to the backgrounds they have for computers and devices.  If you have a new device and you let him look at/play with for a few minutes, you'll have a friend for life.

One time, I caught him hacking Minecraft (three years ago), but we talked about honesty and how if it is against the rules--we don't do it.  If the government had a training program for young hackers--they'd probably want him--because he thinks that is something else.  Though I will tell you, there is a lot of information on hacking on YouTube--T's go-to-service to find out anything about electronics.

I love his excitement. I love how he wants to collect old and new electronics--phones, iPads, tablets, computers, wiis, etc.  His idea of Heaven may include an old electronic junk yard.

He likes to go to yard/garage sales with me so he can get a deal on old tech.  Four weeks ago, he found a wii at a garage sale. It was probably 5-10 years old and he was so excited--jumping up and down with joy when the previous owner gave him a good price.  She was thrilled he was so happy.  That must be the best feeling at a garage sale to see someone so glad they're getting your old junk. :D

But, this question constantly burns in my mind.  Where is the balance? If he is gifted in such an area, should I let him work more on electronics?  He is so happy when he is working on them, but it tends to be the only thing he wants to do and gets grumpy when another idea is suggested or the idea that we need to go some place.

Before he gets on any tech, with the exceptions of sometimes texting me, he must have his chores all done.

When the whine turns into severe grumpiness the electronics are put on hold, until he helps around the house for awhile or cheers up a sweet young sibling or two.  Or until the next day--depending on the level of grumpiness.

This boy does not respond well to criticism and will often see the removal of tech as the ultimate criticism and tends to shut down friendly-toward-family-wise.

Extensions of love and joy in what he is learning is the ultimate compliment for him and he will respond very well to that.  Now how to use those extensions of love to get him to work--that is my aim. Also, to have him understand that in order to use the tech he needs to be able to pull himself away.  Setting that expectation will help.

W is really good at helping him see what good he is doing and praising him for that.  I'm really good at asking for help and getting the whopper response.

In the meantime, we'll keep thinking over how to help this amazing, wonderful, kind and thoughtful boy.  I love him sooo dearly.  I like to write a smiley face on his fingers every now and again and let him know the many things I love about him and how he helps our family!  So glad to call him my son!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Grammers Goes

When Grammers left, there were a lot of hugs.
T was so sad that Grammers was leaving he cried.

We all missed Grammers right away.