Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Enchanted Forest

Oregon has its very own theme park.  Started by a man who wanted a place for children that couldn't afford to go to Disney Land.  It is just the perfect size for a wonderful summer's day out. 
We met up with Erika and her kiddos, A and B. 
We went through fairy tale/nursery rhyme village.

S, T, and R thought the crooked house with the crooked man was one of the most interesting places to go--it's all about angles.  The kiddos love sliding around that place almost as much as going on the rides.
Who could help but love going into the wicked witches mouth.
I love nursery rhymes as much as fairy tales and it was fun to go someplace where the nursery rhymes get equal coverage. 
J loved being in the out-facing carrier for his ride.
Can you spy the kiddos?

I spy R, B, and T!
Hands and eyes!?! Ah!

K was ecstatic about the little kids-only rides.  Those blessed shoes kept falling off throughout the day so I think some of the day, she dashed about shoeless.
The ride-master on that ride was hilarious. She made the kids giggle the several times throughout the ride. K thought she was a hoot!

Then, K did something she never gets to do because I think it is a waste of money--but this is about memories--she got her face painted.  It washed right out of her dress after she had wiped it all off her face, which happened within a couple of hours.
Each of the girls there were dressed up like princesses.  K felt adored.
Then we went to hear the folk music.  They asked for children to come and dance and absolutely no child go up until K dashed out of her seat as soon as the music started, unabashedly to the front of the room and danced a joyous jig.  Within moments, she was surrounded by other children and smiling, laughing adults sitting, tapping their feet with the beat.
I was so proud of her!  Ha! That girl in front of me is a great photo bomber.  Ha!
She even danced when the other people had sat down.
Now for a bit of a close up of the face paint. 
T enjoyed rides--especially the log and ice rides!

Do you see R, S, and K? ^^
J actually went to someone other than me and my kiddos--he had fun with Erika!  She took him for a long time so I could spend some time chasing K down the corridors.  That was another thing I like about Enchanted Forest is the size so my kiddos didn't get too lost. 

T is sitting by me as I write this and he said, "I love the Enchanted Forest.  It was lots of fun!"

While Erika was holding J; R, T, and I went on the Log Ride.  It was so fun and my voice got lost in my scream, as in there was no sound, as we came down the lost slope.

Then I got to rest my weary bones while the kiddos went on the ice mountain ride again and again until the park closed and most people had gone home--the kiddos favorite time to go.
We are going to go again next summer.  Thanks, Enchanted Forest People for a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse

  Oregon was ecstatic about the solar eclipse because we were directly in the line of total eclipse.  

 The total eclipse may have been one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen and my kiddos thought so too! We loved the shadows caused by the sun.
 J was awake for some of the time, but as soon as he sat by R on the hammock he was out.
W had to stay at work, but they all stepped out to see the eclipse. It would have been fun to see it with him.
The kiddos took photos during the eclipse--but I am not sure where they went. Ha! So glad we could see it together!  It was so beautiful and utterly amazing!  The kiddos want to travel to see the next eclipse.  Seeing as they'll mostly be all grown and on their own--I'll leave it to them to get where the eclipse is coming. :D

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Proud Momma Moments

 I am so proud to be this handsome boy's mom.   This was his first pompadour haircut.  He also helped K be a ninja.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Bicycle Built for - - - more

In the Waterfront Park in Portland they have Wheel Fun Rentals where you can rent a multiple-person bike.  The kids and Link, the puppy, just loved it!
J loved it and slept in the front-carrier most of the time. My favorite thing about the photo above is his adorable legs. 
He loves everything with a steering wheel and tried to drive multiple times.  Then fell soundly asleep.  A lot of people didn't even see him there (or said they didn't).
Look at K's face. She really loved it, but everyone longed to be the person in charge of the steering wheel and brakes. It was a super cardio workout. 
Portland people love their dogs.  Link was suuuper popular with every passerby.  I was a little surprised that few people noticed my adorable baby.  But, puppies are a little rarer to be seen in public so I understand.
Link tried to leap out one time, so B moved so he could sit by him and monitor his jumping.

It kind of looks like K is rapping in the photo above, don't you think?

R had a great time!  I love his laugh face.
To my kiddos Erika's house is the place to be, so when we've had a glorious day with them and it is time to go home--no stopping at friend's houses, this is face I get. 

As we were walking back to the car, we saw the bridge raise for the boats to go underneath. 
We stood and watched as those huge weights went up and down moving the mid-bridge where it needed to be.
T was still obviously being a bit of a grumpy-pants, but posed for the photo nonetheless.

Aw, brotherly love!  R knows how to help everyone cheer up!
There is the boat the whole mid-bridge went up for.  Did it really need to go up for that?!